Just Some Fun, Playing With My New Toys, Drupal and Track Back

Updated note: Hmmm, this didn’t appear to work, will probably try to setup another website of my own to trackback with and see if I can figure this out, but in the meantime, too many other shiny toys to play with

Summary: I’d like to suggest the following catchphrase for V

“Beware the Dragon Lady, for you are crunchy and taste good with diet soda.”

And here is a link to another site that has thousands of catch phrases or tag lines that you can search through, Tag Lines Galore since I figure this phrase won’t quite catch your fancy.

What follows, a long drawn out explanation of why I’m suggesting a catchphrase, that said catchphrase is not completely original and a recommendation for a site that has thousands of possibilities for catch phrases or tag lines. Okay, the ADD folk in the crowd can move along now.

The long explanation:

There is a website I found while browsing through reddit and digg called violentacres.com. The blog is an interesting collection of stories and past history from the author who only calls herself “V” and is working to keep her anonymity through various means. I enjoy the high level of writing and the topics are of interest, to me anyway, due to them being well written , focused and having very clear meaning. Unlike my writing skills which I definitely need improve if I want to be understood by people who can’t talk to me directly and go “huh? what did that mean?”

Back to talking about V’s site, one thing that fascinated me is the articles cry out for comments but she does not support commenting on her site. I don’t blame her, I wouldn’t want spam-bots filling up my website either. However, the blog does make use of a feature called Track Back. From what I understand of the Track Back feature it allows another website to provide a link back to the original article which can then be included as a comment to the original article. It sounds really technically cool, so I’ve redone my website software, installed the feature and I’m testing it out with this article.

There are a lot of articles that I thought about commenting on the violentacres.com site, but after some thought I figured I wouldn’t be able to add anything meaningful or of added value. Or I would be commenting for the wrong reasons of trying to get attention or push other people’s buttons. But I still wanted to comment, and play with my new toy, when I noticed her Catchphrase Credits contest. Just a short comment and V has asked for the attention in this case, so it seemed like a good match for my immediate goals.

I gave it some thought and came up with something, partly based on the tone of the articles and on one specific article about her preferred beverage. I really doubt that she will want use this but I thought I would give it a shot. And I cannot claim complete credit for this phrase, it’s based on the phrase I like to use in my signatures.

Okay, enough suspense and wandering around, here is my suggested catchphrase, ta-da!

“Beware the Dragon Lady, for you are crunchy and taste good with diet soda.”

Well, erm, yeah, that probably sucks, but at least I get to try out the Track Back feature. And if V made it this far, first, my apologies in subjecting you to this and second, here is the site where I found my original phrase, Tag Lines Galore The site has a search engine, type in a word, for example dragon if you want to get an idea of the original phrase, and you will get tag lines that contain the word dragon. The site has thousands of entries so hopefully V can find another better saying, assuming no on else is creative enough to suggest something much better than mine.

And fingers crossed, hope the Track Back feature actually works. Although I have no idea what I would use this feature for ever again. :-p