Memories of Moon Tea

Many years ago, when my husband and I were still dating, we were living in the Fort Worth-Dallas area. I was not fond of the taste of the tap water and this was before bottled water became so popular. In order to have a low calorie drink I would make sun tea on the little balcony for my apartment. I would set out a jar of water with 3-4 teabags in the morning then bring the jar back in when I came home from work in the evening. This would give me enough iced tea for the next few days.

Spring Weather, Road Trip Travel Tips

I got busy the last couple of weeks so missed posting, time to make up for it. The last couple of weeks have definitely been typical spring weather with unsettled weather. We've had light rain, a heat wave, twice and now we seem to be back to more normal spring weather here in the San Diego area. The bunnies are still around although I only see one big one around instead of two. The lizard population has declined, which occurred shortly after seeing  a hawk hanging around our area so I think I know where they went.

More Wildlife, Hot Weather and Rain on the Way...Maybe

I realized that it's been a week and I do want to keep posting to this blog. The time has gone by quickly, hard to believe I was recovering last week. I am mostly recovered and hoping that all of my stones are gone. Next phase will be figuring out what caused the stones since I have a strong desire to avoid them in the future. Based on my research that may not be completely possible but will have to see.

Bunnies, Lizard Pushups - Spring Time!

This week I've been home recovering from a procedure to break up some kidney stones I have. I now have a small collection of stones to take in for analysis and I'm recovering pretty well. I'm certainly doing a lot better after this procedure than I was last fall when I passed one stone unexpectedly. In between naps I've had a chance to see our 'wildlife' wandering about. There are a couple of rabbits that seem pretty comfortable with our yard. A little too comfortable, I'm pretty sure I saw one over nibbling on some flowers I planted a couple of weeks ago.

Taking a Step Back

Along with everyone else I've been seeing the news lately and it never seems like there is good news. A bombing in Boston, an explosion in Waco, a do-nothing congress and lots of strife reported. And yet, for most people, life is quiet, families are having time together, and things keep going. I decided that I want to do some more writing on-line to try and get my writing in somewhat better shape.

The Hallowing of 9/11

Today is a hallowed day but not by any actions of minister, preacher, father or sister or other representatives of the divine. The day has been hallowed by the blood shed of our brothers and sisters who were in a place where a rending sacrifice was cut from a confident people.

Advice for Marriage

While my husband and I were out today, I was chatting with a young woman for a bit while we were waiting for something. She had asked about our marriage and how long we had been together (25 years this year) and she wanted to ask us for some advice. She is getting married in a couple of months and although she is in love she said she was nervous about the wedding and how things would be when they got married. Several people had told her that her husband to be would change once they got married and that she should be prepared.

New Look for New Year

I decided that it had been a while since I had updated the site look and feel and I also needed to update the back end.  With some extra time over the Christmas holidays I spent some time updating the back end which allowed me to use a newer theme. Nothing super fancy but looks a bit spiffier than the theme I had been using.

And to get the New Year started on a happy note, thought I'd share this video of someone dancing. :-)

Top Good Things for 2010 for Me

I read a suggestion today for creating a list of Top Good Things that happened in 2010. I thought this was a good idea and have come up with my own list. It was challenging to think of different good things since it can be easy to focus on the negative, especially in these times. But it was a good reminder of what is right in my life

Christmas Memories

With the holiday season in full swing I thought I would write about some of my Christmas memories. The earliest Christmas memory I have is when I think I was 4 years old. We lived in a rental house in Oklahoma on Chickasaw Avenue, which I loved to say because of how "Chickasaw" sounded. I thought the house was very cool, it had two stories and there was a whole wall of doors that opened into a closet. For some reason I was fascinated with all of those doors and how they opened up into this other room. I had a large bed and a toy box that my Dad built for me.


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