Tamara Harpster’s Resume

Tamara S. Harpster

Cat Herder Extraordinaire

Contact Information
Tamara S. Harpster


I’m a Software Engineer who likes to solve technical problems in software development. If you’re looking for a smooth marketing write up, you’ve found the wrong place. My strengths are in developing and debugging code, understanding new web technologies and what they really mean for your business and in working well with the rest of the team you’ve hired. And that includes the whole team of developers, SCM, testers, training, marketing, and project management. Let me help you solve your technical problems and work with your team to build great products.

And you might be wondering at all of the different experience I list below. I am definitely a generalist, interested in learning different technologies and how to find problems and fix them. I’m not an in-depth, code warrior focusing on just one language, I adapt to changing environments and pick up the skills I need to get your work finished within schedule and of high quality.

Skill Summary

  • PHP
  • XML
  • XSLT
  • Hand coded HTML
  • JavaScript/Ajax
  • SQL
  • Apache/Tomcat
  • Java/JSP
  • Problem Solving
  • Communicating
  • Linux System Administration, Debian Distributions
  • Mentoring
  • Project Organization
  • Analysis and Research
  • Project Planning

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