2000 – 2002. Peregrine Systems. Product Developer. San Diego, CA.

Product Developer for Get-It Product Suite. Responsibilities included defining system requirements, leading functional specification, planning, design, development, integration, developing accurate estimates and risk assessments, collaborating inside/outside of immediate team, customer training and customer support liaison.
Acting Technical Lead for Get-Resources. Coordinated builds, directed on site and remote location development staff, coordinated Document and Test resources. Met an aggressive schedule deadline on time in order to meet quarterly customer sales.
Performed story boarding and stub script coding for Get-Resources new functionality. Reduced script and screen re-writes later in the development cycle which reduced the time needed for development, clarified requirements and reduced code rewrite.
Managed and implemented installer development for Get-It, coordinated effort between developers in San Diego with developers in the Paris, France. Effort shortened development time and resulted in fewer customer calls by an estimated 25 percent.
Communicated about proprietary XML/XSL editor, using lunchtime sessions to share information and answer questions. Sessions shortened learning curve for developers and kept documentation, training and support up to date with changes to tool. End result was estimated 50 percent fewer customer calls elevated to development for support.
Designed and implemented a JSP file attachment upload utility, along with Java API that transferred files to backend systems. Supported priority one marketing requirement in time for quarterly sales.

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