1997 – 2000. Litton Data Systems San Diego. Engineering Specialist. Web Site Technical Lead

Technical Lead for Web Services group in San Diego. Lead for providing desktop and computer administration support for Engineering Department. Assisted in capital planning for Software Engineering. Placed in charge of providing desktop and computer administration support for the Engineering Department. Responsible for hardware/software budget and capital planning for Software Engineering. Charged with planning and resource allocation for UNIX and NT server administration. Oversight and management of Web Services group for Litton Data Systems – San Diego.

Designed and developed HTMLInc, on own time, a web site template tool, in Java, that reduced publishing errors and time to publish to the web, reducing maintenance costs for external web site. Available at http://sourceforge.net/projects/htmlinc/

Design and development of web site reporting for Litton Data Systems San Diego and MobileVu web sites. The reports were published on-line, with daily, weekly and monthly reports that were automated. This provided marketing with greater insight into the web site performance and eliminated need to have reports hand done by support personnel.

Set up and maintained a help desk application using Lotus Notes in order to track desktop and server support. Allowed scheduling of future work and users to track requests they had placed. Resulted in greater customer satisfaction and quicker turnaround times for critical problems.

Established and maintained development cycle for external web site maintenance. Set up schedule for development, reviews, testing and publishing of the pages, and provided technical assistance to rest of the team. Web page Design and editing for internal and external web pages. Layout and publishing of Litton Data Systems San Diego external page, Maintenance of Intranet web server software. Designed and implemented library and filing system for SCM library software. Designed and implemented version management and problem tracking system for CM of external web site using WinCVS and Lotus Notes. Performed CM builds of page check-ins for external web site. This reduced errors in the web pages and reduced the time spent on maintaining pages, which reduced cost for maintaining site and allowed more time for other job duties.

Analyzed, designed, developed and oversaw maintenance of database for cataloging method of software for software library. Search times reduced from averages of one day, or longer to 5 minutes, and ensured software code not lost. Resulted in quicker turnaround for delivery requests to internal and external customers, reduced time and money required to maintain library, ensured several million dollars of software was available for modifications and customer deliveries.

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