Character Descriptions

All I Want Is a Better Life

Character Descriptions

These are just some quick character descriptions to give you an idea of the parts available. I’ve included several places for extras and for possible stronger parts, if there are more than enough people wanting to be in the play.

Meg Reve – Young woman wanting a better life. Young city girl in first part. An average, brown haired, brown eyed young woman who has captured young Pauly’s heart. She has a Dream of writing poetry and being famous but is afraid of going out into the World to pursue her dream.

Melanie Scott – Meg’s friend and confidant. She doesn’t understand Meg’s dreams, but likes to listen to her.

Pauly O’Ryan – Young man who will marry Meg. He too has his dreams, and is also afraid to reach for them.

Parents of Bride and groom – Older working people, who want the best for their kids, but feel that the world is too rough a place to go for just silly dreams.

Various wedding guests, weepy older women and resigned looking men.

Meg Reve O’Ryan – Older woman, who still wants a better life, but doesn’t know how to get it. Feels the answers lie outside of the city.

Older Paul – Disillusioned, having given up his dreams for his work. Practical, no-nonsense, doesn’t understand his wife still having dreams in the ‘real’ world. But a small part of him that is still that young Pauly understands all too well what it is to have a dream for a better life.

Older Melanie – Still Meg’s friend, still single. Her dream is to have a family like Meg’s but has been afraid to be to ‘normal’

Meg and Paul JR. – Meg and Paul’s children, fill ins for time being.

Small Town people

James “Jim” Walton – Someone who comes to help Meg out when she goes out West. He’s someone who has had a tough life and found out that life isn’t easy. However, he is content with where he is and who he is and shows Meg that maybe he Dream can be found closer then she thought.

Kathering Walting – Jim’s Wife and light of his life.

Frank T Gumption – Director and starter of the Gumption writer’s camp. His clothing is the epitomy of loud and tasteless. Descended from the founder of the town of Gumption, a snake oil salesman, looking for his own fame and fortune with other people’s money. A charming scoundrel that has you keeping one hand on your wallet while he is around or has the ladies swooning as he charms them.

Group of Aspiring Writers – Group of people who want to be writer and make lots and lots of money at it. Mainly women, but a few men are also in the group as well and ready and raring to learn the art of making a Quick Buck from their idol Frank T. Gumption. Groupies might be another better term for this group. 🙂

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