Act 1, Scene 3

The scene opens in a church, filled with people. Meg and Paul are standing up front. The scene is a nice wedding but not a rich wedding. Everyone is dressed in their best, but not extravagantly. Their marriage ceremony is just finishing up.

Preacher: I now pronounce you Husband and Wife. You may kiss the bride. (Paul reaches over and gives Meg a kiss. It is obvious from his looks that he is a young man very much in love. After the kiss, music starts playing and they head for the door.)

The scene moves the the couple in a car driving off after the reception. They are sitting close, in their Sunday clothes instead of the Wedding clothes. Paul looks happy, while Meg looks content.

PAUL: Meg, I can’t believe it. We’re married now. I’ve been waiting for this day so long. I love you, Meg.

MEG: I love you, too, Paulie. I’m scared, though. We’re really adults now. I don’t know what to do.

PAUL: I’m scared too. But I want to take care of you Meg. You and the children we have. I’ve loved you since I’ve met you.

MEG: You couldn’t have! We met in second grade, in Mrs. Gershwin’s class. (She giggles) You called me names and I came over and kicked you. Boy, did I get in trouble for that.

PAUL: (He smiles) Yeah, I remember. But after you kicked me, I fell in love with you and I wanted to marry you. I just didn’t think I ever would. I mean, you got so pretty and had all of the guys chasing after you. And then you chose me. That was my lucky day.

MEG: (Looking thoughtful) All the other guys, they seemed to think I was a trophy. ‘Yeah, we gotta bag this one and add to our collection’, that was how they looked at me. They didn’t care. But you always seemed to care. It just took me awhile to realize it.

So what do we do now, Paulie?

PAUL: Well, first we have our honeymoon. (Big grin at this, then serious) Then I go back to work for my dad and you go home and take care of our babies. I wanna be a good father and let you be the best mom and wife there is.

MEG: And I want to take care of your family. But is that all there is?

PAUL: What do you mean? What more is there?

MEG: Don’t you have a dream, Paulie? Something you want to do more then anything?

PAUL: (Softly) Yeah, I do or I did. I wanted to marry you. And that makes my dream any day.

MEG: (Hesitant, thoughtful) I love you Paul. I’ll always love you.

PAUL: Hey, there’s the motel. Let’s go and check in.

Paul gets out of the car. Meg sits for a moment looking off into the distance.

MEG: (To herself) I’ll always love you, Paulie. But what of my dream? She gets out of the car and catches up with Paul as he goes into the motel.

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