Act 2, Scene 2

Its now the next morning and the scene opens on the writers camp. It is a collection of cabins around an open square in the center. MEG is in the square, waiting, along with a group of other would be writers, mainly women, but a few men in the group. Suddenly, FRANK T. GUMPTION, founder of the Writer’s quick way to easy money course, kinsman to Mayor Gumption of Gumption and all cool guy Makes An Entrance. Unfortunately, no one notices, as they are looking in the opposite direction, so direct action is called for.

FRANK, in a loud, commanding tone: Ladies & Gentlemen, I welcome you to my deluxe, guaranteed to make you a success, and on your way to riches, special summer writer’s camp.

While FRANK is talking the crowd turns toward him. Everyone, except MEG is oohing and awing. MEG is looking amazed and then stunned at finally seeing this idol of hers in real life.

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