Internet Fads

405 the Movie

Short movie clip made by student filmakers using their own equipment and made over 3 months.

Badger, Badger Badger

Badgers, mushrooms and ooh, a snake, what more do you need?

Evil Overlord list

More of a Geek fad, things to do and not do if you are ever and evil overlord 🙂

Hampster Dance 2

A full music video this time, I like the music to listen to, still just as addictive as the orginal.

Llama Song

Here a llama, there a llama, duck, time to reire now and become a duck

Numa Numa Dance

He lipsynchs, he moves, way funny, okay, now laugh.

Original Hampster Dance

The original Hamster Dance song that kicked things off

The Dancing Baby

An oldy, but a goody, remember this movie going through the e-mails?

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