Search Resources

Baby Name Wizard

Fun graph showing popularity of Baby names since 1890

Deep Web Search Resources

Want to find what Google misses? Check out these resources.


Has pay services, but also a Free Resources section for government and public sites with information.

Family Search

Genealogy research resources provided by the Mormon Church.

Infospace White Pages

Good resource for looking up people, one of the engines that’s been around for a while.

National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators

Has links and help for finding unclaimed property that is waiting to be claimed

Public Data

Resource used by attorneys and private investigators for checking out people. Requires $25 yearly subscription.

USGen Web Census Project

A site that is gradually adding in US census records and making them available for free viewing. Looking for volunteers to help enter in more data.


A command line search engine. Type in g stuff and it will do a google search for “stuff”. And Yubnub means hurray in ewok, how much more geeky can you get? 🙂

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