Act 1, Scene 4

The scene opens up a year later. Meg is sitting in a rocking chair in a small room beside a cradle. There is a small baby sleeping in the cradle. There is an open window with a breeze blowing in. On the wall is a painting of a full moon over a snowcovered field. There are mountains in the background. Meg looks up occasionally at the picture and out the window. Her thoughts are far away.

MEG then sings ‘A Lullaby for Mother’

A Lullaby for Mother

When the Moon lies still upon the Land,
And my Child sleeps in his Cradle.
I find myself at the window,
Watching and Waiting for
The wild things.

Come, let Wings carry us away
Over moonlight and Crystal Snow.
Let Breezes blow us to new sights
While wild things walk the night

My Soul yearns for freedom from the Day,
Waiting for Wings to carry me away.
And I watch the white covered land below
Watching and Waiting for the 
Wild things.

Daylight comes and creeps across the land,
Sunlight still a distant glow. 
And I yearn for alll the other sights
As my child awakes in his cradle. 
And I find myself waiting again 
Wild things to walk the night.

A the song ends, the baby wakes. Meg picks up the baby and sits down to feed him. She smiles and coos at the baby. Paul comes in and they look at each other happy. Then Meg sees the painting again and looks out the window with longing.

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