Act 1, Scene 2

The scene opens with MEG in her room, putting up her clothes. There is a window overlooking the street and the bedroom is not overly large. There’s a bed, dresser/desk with chair in the room. A couple of teen posters are on the wall and a couple of stuffed animals on a shelf or the bed. In short, a teenage girls room.

The other side is also done as a bedroom, more like a teenage boys room and it is darkened for the start of the scene.

Meg folds clothes and looks out the window, absentmindedly. She is clearly thinking about something else.

MEG: {Still folding clothes} Maybe Melanie’s right, I shouldn’t marry Paulie. I think I love him, but I don’t know. He’s nice enough and he isn’t pushy, like the other guys. He even brought me flowers one night. He says he loves me, but do I love him? I like him, but do I love him?

{As Meg folds clothes, the lights come up in the other room as a PAUL enters the room. He is well dressed and well groomed young man. He sits down at his desk with several textbooks and starts looking through the books, doing his homework. He has a picture of MEG on his desk and looks at it and then back at the homework, his mind also being elsewhere.

PAUL: {Picking up picture and looking at, then at the wall or out window} I can’t believe I asked Meg to marry me. I can’t believe she wants to. I love her so much, but it scares me to think I’m gonna be a ‘family’ man. And when I graduate from high school, Dad’s gonna start training me to run his store. I want my own business, but I don’t know if I want Dad’s business. I mean, his restaurant makes good money, but I don’t know if I want work with food. I like clothes, but Dad laughs at me and says that’s not a job for a real man.

MEG: Maybe I shouldn’t marry him, maybe I should try and do my writing. I mean, I don’t even know if I love him, why should I marry him.

PAUL: Maybe I shouldn’t work for Dad, maybe I should try and do what I want to. I love Meg, though and I want to do right by her.

MEG: I shouldn’t take the chance, it’s too much of a risk.

PAUL: I can’t take the chance, I might lose everything.

Duet: "It's a Chance"

It's a Chance, It's a Risk,
Doing what I wish,
I don't know, all my doubts
Just make me want to shout,
And it leaves me running
circles in my head
As the thoughts spin round and round

Do I love him, I don't know,
Should I stay or Should I go?
I find I'm out in the cold
And I really don't know what's right

I love her, Oh I know so,
But I want to do things my way
And no way my dad will let me go
So what I should do about my doubts.

It's a Chance, It's a Risk,
Doing what I wish,
I don't know, all my doubts
Just make me want to shout,
Where do I go from here?

MEG: I can’t take the chance, I’m too scared to risk it all.

PAUL: I’ve gotta work for my Dad. I love Meg too much, and I wanna provide for her.

MEG: I’ll marry him. Maybe someday I’ll write, but I can’t take the chance right now.

PAUL: I’ll work for my dad. I love her too much, I can’t lose her.

{Scene closes and both exit the stage, looking resigned but accepting of their decisions}

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