More Wildlife, Hot Weather and Rain on the Way…Maybe

I realized that it’s been a week and I do want to keep posting to this blog. The time has gone by quickly, hard to believe I was recovering last week. I am mostly recovered and hoping that all of my stones are gone. Next phase will be figuring out what caused the stones since I have a strong desire to avoid them in the future. Based on my research that may not be completely possible but will have to see.

For most of the week we have had spring like weather. I enjoy the still somewhat cool temperatures and the easing on my electric bill and heating bill. My flowers continue to grow and it looks like some beans have started on my green bean plants. The grass sod we planted on the side is also surviving although I probably won’t be happy with my water bill when I get that. There are some brown patches but most of the sod and some of the grass seed has sprouted. Enough so that I’ll need to ask my son to mow the patches next week. Next tasks are to start pulling out some of the dead wood around the house and trim trees back some. With the Santa Ana winds and warm weather today I was reminded of the fire danger and the need to make sure land is cleared around the house. I was pleased to notice that the wind was not too much today around our house, which is good. And it’s cooling down this evening, with our attic fan pulling in outside air the house is getting comfortable again.

I did get some pictures of some wild flowers and wild life on our lot this week. I posted them on Facebook for those who might be curious. I am hoping to skip ants in the house while we have this dry weather. With the low humidity, 1-2% in some parts of the county, that usually means the ants start looking for the nearest water, which is sometimes in our house. I think it was last week when there was a line of them from our living room to the kitchen that we had to spray.

When I was out this week taking pictures it was very soothing listening to the wind blow through the pine tree out front. We have some tall eucalyptus trees out back, sometimes I can see just the tops waving in the wind that blows over the top of our house. With all of the hills and such it makes for some interesting breaks in how the wind blows across our lot.

It’s definitely cooling down more and it’s a nice evening out. Our cat is napping by the front window on a table I have over there. She occasionally looks up and out the window but I still haven’t seen what she is looking at. Last night was funny, she was chasing a moth that was hovering around a lamp in our family room. The moth would flutter around behind her and she had no clue where it had gone. Once I would point it out she would be back chasing it then she would lose it again when it fluttered out of immediate sight. Definitely not a mighty hunter but she is a good lap cat, especially when I’m reading in the evenings before I go to bed. Hope the weather forecaster is right and we get some rain this weekend. It’s been too dry this year so every little bit helps.