Taking a Step Back

Along with everyone else I’ve been seeing the news lately and it never seems like there is good news. A bombing in Boston, an explosion in Waco, a do-nothing congress and lots of strife reported. And yet, for most people, life is quiet, families are having time together, and things keep going. I decided that I want to do some more writing on-line to try and get my writing in somewhat better shape. And I want to paint scenes with words to remind people that in spite of all of the bad news, the arguing and disagreements that there are still things in life that stick around long after the headlines have moved to the latest tragedy.

Today it was very windy and dry, which is making for uncomfortable sinuses for myself. But sitting here typing this, I can hear the wind in the trees, the leaves stirring around as each pass of wind finds its way through. I went outside earlier and just stood, listening to the trees and thinking that this is what trees would sound like if they talked. The leave shuffle together and in strong gusts they shift and brush against each other making a soft sound that seems at odds with the strength of the wind. I shift my attention over to the large pine tree on the edge of our driveway and hear the wind whisper through the needles. This sound is more like the wind itself talking to the trees, with more of the air and less of the tree in the sound that finds its way to my ears.

I walk over to turn on the sprinkler for the flowers I planted a week or so ago. For those in northern climates, patience, spring is coming, it’s found its way here in the southern part of the country. Even though I watered the flowers a couple of days ago the ground is dry. Amazing what an 18% humidity will do to suck the water out. I turn on the sprinkler and grin as it puddles up and runs through the little canals I dug out to spread the water out. Even at my age it’s still fun to play with water although I’m much more aware of the cost and scarcity of it in this desert like area. In our new house we plan to keep our watering to a minimum so I have the flowers and some grass that we will keep watered but everything else will have to fend for itself.

While the sprinkler is running I go to check on the soaker hose I’ve set up for the grass sod we are trying to grow. I go ahead and run that for a few minutes and then adjust the hose a bit. I’m experimenting with growing some beans and so the water should reach that area a bit better. I suspect I’ll end up feeding the rabbits and squirrels that hang around but for right now it’s fun to see a couple of bean plants poking up. Maybe I’ll get lucky and even get one or two bean pods, will have to wait and see.

I’ve let the water run for a while so I turn off the sprinkler and come back inside. But with the windows open I can still hear the wind moving the leaves. When the sun sets the wind dies down but I enjoyed the weather change and a chance to hear the trees ‘talk’. I will be glad when our humidity gets back up above the teens though.