Our Pixel in Eternity

As I was browsing around on various places on the internet I ran across a discussion about old souls and young souls. As usual, most of the people there felt they were old souls who were breaking through to new things and here to guide others. Myself, I wonder that there are any younger souls but that’s probably because of places I’ve browsed. And I suppose if you are a young soul you might not be taking part in such discussions. While reviewing these messages I was reminded of a thought I had a while back about our place in things.

While reading stories of people who had been hypnotized and told about their past lives and lives after death there was mention of the levels each soul goes through. A soul is born, goes to school, comes to this earth to learn, goes back to the spirit world and eventually learns enough to move on to another plane of existence.

What interested me was thinking about this other plane of existence. If there is something beyond this world and beyond the spirit world isn’t it possible that there is something beyond that level? And it seems presumptuous to assume that we are the start of everything and at the bottom. What if when souls are born they are really moving up from another level? What if there are infinite levels and we are in a teeny, tiny slice of all of that eternity. I pictured something like the image below. If there is an infinite number of possible existences I’m basically the equivalent of one pixel on a very long line. And maybe it isn’t a line, maybe it’s a circle that connects back with itself so that I repeat different types of life.

A line showing the spectrum of colors, with an arrow pointing to a single pixel on the spectrum.

Looking at things this way, I don’t feel like an old soul, I see myself as just one more piece of the tapestry, no more or less than important than any other piece. I will eventually shift to other positions and move up or down the line or circle. And the existences I move into could be wildly different from this existence with no connection to the lessons we are here to learn. When looking at this existence that way, well, referring to old or young souls seems kind of pointless. Old souls may be young souls for some other kind of existence while young souls may be very old souls for some other type of existence. And it limits our thoughts by placing on limits on what we can do or be. With an infinite amount of lives why are we trying to base our experience purely on this world of hierarchy? It seems to miss the ultimate point, what are we doing to improve ourselves instead of comparing ourselves or trying to justify our current position?

Our current position simply is, the important thing is movement as needed and standing in place as needed to support the entire work. Don’t limit yourself with just what this world prizes, it is only one pixel of a massive image that we cannot truly envision no matter our place within it. Only if someone stands outside of it can they perceive what the whole is. Perhaps someday we might stand outside and see the tapestry. But I suspect we will only be contained within yet another tapestry and will still be a single pixel within the whole.