First Impression, Wrong Impression

I recently had a couple of encounters where I offered ‘expert’ advice on small business management and IT support to a couple of different people. After talking with these people and some follow up conversations later on I realized that these people already knew the facts and were very polite in not handing me my head during the initial chats. Well, that will teach me. So I will work on not making an assumption of ignorance and that I am duty bound to try and educate someone who may already be a lot better educated and experienced than I am. I will plead to being overtired and feeling overworked when these situations happened. Getting a new business going tends to be a bit draining. However, I know it’s not necessarily pleasant to be on the receiving end of expert advice when I feel I already understand the topic. Next thing to work is not assuming I am a complete expert on most subjects known to (wo)mankind but that’s a topic for another blog, maybe. 😉