Top Good Things for 2010 for Me

I read a suggestion today for creating a list of Top Good Things that happened in 2010. I thought this was a good idea and have come up with my own list. It was challenging to think of different good things since it can be easy to focus on the negative, especially in these times. But it was a good reminder of what is right in my life

  1. The business I am a part owner of survived a tough year – After a very good financial year in 2009 for the company I partly own, VDL-5 Technologies, 2010 saw a drop in the business income. Fortunately, we had done planning ahead and had some reserves set aside but we still had to do some cuts in our expenses. As a result, we have a strong team and have trimmed our costs. My partners and I have also increased our experience in business development and running the business so as prepare to start our 3rd year of business we have a bit more confidence than we did 3 years ago. We also were awarded a contract in December that will keep us going as we work on building our business.The year 2011 is looking like a brighter year in many ways.
  2. Developed confidence in myself for learning new things – As part of our business this year, my partners and I worked on business development and marketing. This required going to shows, meeting new people and providing information about our company. At the beginning of this year I was nervous about this activity but somehow during a conference I attended something clicked and I felt more confident about marketing our business. I think this occurred because I was able to view it as a technical problem to solve, which I’m more comfortable with, and not just a people problem, where I needed to talk with people. Once I shifted the problem to a framework I’m more comfortable with the marketing became easier.
  3. Lost weight last year and have kept it off for a year – Last year, due to stress and such, I lost weight. I was very happy with the result if not the process for losing the weight and I have worked to keep the weight off. I have gained a few pounds over the holidays, no surprise there, but in the last week I have cut back on my meals and continue walking at lunch and in the afternoon. I was happy to see some of the weight go away and hope to continue.

I do have other items that I consider good things for 2010 but thought this list was enough to share. And as I write this, I am reminded of a New Year’s memory from many years back that I will end this post with.

Many years ago, when I was a teenager, I was babysitting for a family on New Year’s Eve. We lived in Denver Colorado and at that time I still liked snow and cold. 🙂 It had been an uneventful evening, the children went to bed on time and the parents came back after the midnight hour. What I remember is walking home and a snow fall starting as I walked. Since it was 12:30 am/1:00 am, I was the only out and awake so it seemed I had the world to myself. I was struck with the realization that I was seeing the first snowfall for that new year and it seemed like a special gift. The small white flakes, quietly drifting down, a slight breeze and the utter quiet you can only find when it snows at night. I stood for a minute and just watched the snow for a moment before walking the rest of the way home. As I drove home from work today, under a clear, cold, evening sky I was reminded of this evening and how that memory still fills me with peace so many years later.

May your 2011 be filled with peace, joy and good health surrounded by family and friends.