Sacred Spaces

One things I’ve noticed is that there a places of the earth that I call sacred spaces.  Some people might think of these as churches, synagogues, mosques, shrine or other physical dwelling that has been raised by humans. From my experience, these buildings can contain bits of the sacred but they aren’t what I mean by a sacred space.

I have found a sacred space to be a place where I can talk with my higher self, my spirit guides or other divine beings with less interference and static. It is a place of the earth where I can connect to earth and draw energy and find comfort in my times of need. For me, I usually find these places where people do not frequently walk and where it is easier to see the works of nature.  That does not mean that there is no man made artifact at these locations or that man is unnatural. Churches can contain a sacred space, especially with so many people sharing energy in a place in order to try and touch the divine. However, because I pick up on people’s emotions and energy it can be overwhelming to be in a man made place with all of that extra energy, positive and negative, while I am trying to quiet my mind and listen to what the universe has to say to me.

So I have found that I prefer to walk in nature, where there are few people so that I can hear guidance for my situations a bit more easily. These spots do not have to be far from people, one of my current favorite spots is within eye sight of a freeway and has a nice bench to sit on. The spot draws me because of a large tree that seems to shelter the spot and hold good earth energy that helps me feel more positive.  There is a feeling of good energy and a clearer connection with who I really am what I want to strive to be. There is another spot that I like to visit, that is a further hike and doesn’t have the nice bench. It is surrounded by tall trees that somehow seem a focus for some higher power. When I am in these spots, my mind quiets and I feel like I can receive clearer guidance. The clearer guidance could be me talking to myself or it could be spirit guides or angels, but there is a feeling of something that helps me find peace for a time and to remind me that I’m not alone.

Sacred spaces do not have to be in an area with trees, the key in finding one is to search for that place where you hear that voice that helps guide you to live in the light and use your energy wisely. Your place could be a church, a shrine, a park in your neighborhood, a quiet corner in your office building that no one uses much, any of these can be a place for  you to connect. Your inner voice will let you know when you have found you sacred space.