A Little of This Energy, A Little of That Energy

As is my habit, I have been thinking about the energy flows I pick up and the differences in what I pick up. For example, why do I pick up a flow from one object and more of a glow from some other object as I try to read information from it? And why don’t I pick up health information very clearly? I’m picking up energy, shouldn’t I pick up all of that energy in the same way?

Yet, the expression of this matter and energy is very different in each case. The paper clips are defined as metallic and feel slightly cold or warm to the touch, depending on the outside environment. They have a metallic smell to them, if I hold one close to my nose, are firm to the touch but can be changed into other shapes. Compare this to the teddy bear who is soft, has a neutral temperature, a slightly new smell, can be bent around but if I pull too much then he will come apart. Both items made from atoms and energy but having very different expressions in the physical world. Now, contrast this with how I sense these different properties. In seeing the metal and furry properties, I can simply look across my desk, across a few inches and with a fairly small effort I can discern these qualities. For something like the temperature, I have to reach over and touch the items, perhaps even pick it up in order to get a sense of the hotness or coldness of the item. Same thing for smell, I have to pull the object over and smell it.

As I get more experience with different examples of the same type of object, I need less experience to figure out the properties. For example, with the paper clips, I didn’t feel every single paper clip to see if they were all hot or cold, I touched one or two of them and based on that sampling I figure the others are the same temperature. Using these examples I can start to see how I might have an easier time reading some energy and in other ways be blocked. My primary sense for psychic things is feeling things. For example, when I report ‘seeing’ the color red around someone, it is more like I felt the energy and it ‘felt like’ the color red. As I get more experience in feeling red, I am now starting to ‘see’ red when I have that feeling.  With energy that I have more experience in sensing and associating with some physical world happening, I have an easier time in identifying what I am able to pick up. With other things, like trying to read health energy, I have less experience so that image/feelings are not as clear when I try to read a person. Gives me more food for thought and things to practice on as I continue to try and clarify what I read.