What is that Odd Feeling?

I am currently experimenting and exploring with a different side of myself, one that I have only told a very few people about.  I am exploring capabilities that are most commonly grouped under the topic of psychic and paranormal abilities.  The funny thing is that these abilities I have don’t feel abnormal to me, I’ve always felt these things. Sometimes they comfort me and guide me and I hadn’t realized that not everyone feels the same things that I do. Part of me has thought that everyone could feel the presence of spirits and those loved ones who have passed on but I realized recently that isn’t the case. The abnormal part is that other people don’t normally talk about these things and I’m not up for those funny looks I would get if I did talk about these things.

And what happens when people hear about people who talk to spirits that can’t be seen and sometimes get answers back? It gets scary, for several reasons. One reason is that having someone or something hanging around that you can’t see, hear, feel or otherwise sense is creepy. Is there someone watching you in your home? Is there someone or something listening in to you on a private phone conversation? Can these beings see me and affect me while I can’t do a thing to affect them? It can be kind of scary to think about. I can also understand another reason why talking about this kind of stuff is scary. What if I’m imagining things? Other people don’t talk about this, what if I’m making up the things I feel and I can’t tell? What if I do something because of what I sense and someone else gets hurt? What if people reject me because I say I feel or see things that they can’t?

Again, scary thoughts that can prevent people from opening up about those odd bits and pieces they may feel but don’t understand what they mean. I’d like to let you know, that the spirits or beings I’ve sensed aren’t scary, they tend to have a quirky sense of humor, they are full of love, and they care about what happens to us while we are here in this particular physical form known as human. Sometimes sad things happen when I sense these beings, such as the strong feelings of someone who has committed suicide or died unexpectedly. But in those case, I was someone who happened to be listening as that  distraught being reached out to.  I was able to break off contact, usually by leaving the area where I sensed the strong feelings. It was a little scary but the feeling went away after I realized what happened. Once I received knowledge, I was able to push away the scary part.

In other instances I have sensed very negative energy that was a bit scary to be around. In one case there was a pull while I was in the area and it felt like very negative energy coming from the ground. I later found out, after a strong storm, that a tree was growing wrong in a slope and when it fell in the storm all negative energy ceased. That made me think that perhaps some of the negative energy is a signal that something is off balance in an area, something is amiss and it isn’t necessarily a demon or a devil or an evil person but perhaps something physically wrong. Are there possibly evil beings, intent on doing us harm? Or do we pick up on this negative energy, where it feeds on itself and we build an evil within our self to explain the bad feeling? I admit, at this time I don’t have enough experience to know the answers but in light of some of the feedback I’ve gotten on things I’ve read, I wonder. Or perhaps I’ve just been lucky and I haven’t run into any evil beings yet. But I do know that I’ve found out how to work through those feelings of fear and not let it keep me from exploring what I sense.  It can take time, I am human and sometimes courage is a hard thing to find but somehow I keep finding a well to pull from to get through.