How to Dance

I was over at a friend’s house when some tunes got turned up, things got loud and I was rocking out and having fun dancing.  Another person there said they liked my dancing and wanted to learn how to dance like I do. The thing is, I don’t have a set of steps or moves I use while dancing, I just let the music move me, so it’s hard to provide a lesson for such a thing. But I did come up with the following answer on how to dance like I do.

First, is understanding what is dance? When we are young, dancing is easy, it an expression of joy at hearing music. We hear the music, it makes us feel so good that we can’t stand to sit still, we just have to move and express the joy that wants to burst out. Watch a video of a toddler or a young child dancing to music they love and it brings a smile as we see their joy in moving their body and feeling the music. As we get older we want to share that joy, we want to feel the love of another. We want to play as an adult and share our love and our body.  So our dancing turns into a mating dance. The men, they get to strut and thrust out their chests and show that they are strong and powerful, they can go out and get the food for those woman they want to share with.  The dance moves show they are physically fit, they know how to move, they are strong hunters who can bring back food,  and face down death when they need to.

For the women, they dance to show they are fit, that everything is working and they know how to love a man. They also dance to show they can make good, strong babies. The woman can make babies that keep death away with the promise of life continuing on with the next generation.  And most of all, men and women show they feel joy, they aren’t afraid to share it and by sharing their joy and their love they reaffirm that life on this day is very good.

Finally, people get old and it might seem like it’s hard to dance and move to the music to show that joy. What reason would old people have to dance? They have a very good reason, dancing is a way they can get up, show they still live, still feel the joy and give a big middle finger to old man death who is getting too close. For older people, dancing is a remembrance of the joy of the young, the making of good babies and seeing the new generation find out about all of the joy that dancing and music can have. So in learning how to dance the way I dance, it’s pretty simple. Feel the music, feel the joy rolling through your body until your body just can’t stand to sit still anymore and let that joy flow out. Your body will know what to do and it will be different each time as you dance and reaffirm that “I Live ! F**K Death, I am living today and sharing that joy with others, I LIVE!!”