Going with the Flow

Part of exploring my psychic side is understanding the things that I feel or sense so that I can note them and try to notice patterns. One of the things I do is what I call “Going with the flow”. I use some kind of sense and I can sense a “flow” around objects that can indicate a positive or negative path.

Here is my theory about what I sense.

To me, everything around me has an energy associated with it. The item doesn’t have to be alive, it can be a rock, a paper clip, a computer monitor, all of these items have what I call energy associated with them. I feel this energy and each item has a different feel to it. If items are similar, they can have a similar feel but there are still slight differences with the energy associated with each object.  I also believe that almost anyone can sense this energy and probably do sense the energy but they aren’t aware of it because it is very subtle. There is something to try to see if you can pick up this energy.

First, when starting out, it can be easier to sense this energy by quieting your mind. Using meditation and getting into that relaxed state of mind allows you to pick up more subtle feelings. Once you have quieted your mind, move your hand over an object or a person. As you move your hand, slowly, keep your eyes closed and just notice if you feel anything different as you move your hand. For me, I get a sense of pressure, like something is touching my hand. Another person might feel heat or some other sensation. Notice how subtle this is, how does the sensation change as you move your hand, is there a difference in different areas. Now connecting this energy to the flow I feel, I have a sense of this energy moving towards some goal.

As this energy moves, there is a feeling of energy flowing by as I concentrate on the object. It’s like string being pulled or water flowing in a river, there is a feeling of movement and making progress towards some goal for the object. So long as there is movement, the feeling is positive, that the object or person is moving towards their goal and will obtain their goal at some point. Sometimes I feel a blockage in that flow. Some action is blocking the progress towards the goal and it feels like the energy is being stopped somehow. The water is sitting behind a rock or the string has a knot in it that prevents it from being pulled through to the other side.  It’s an uncomfortable feeling and usually an indication that things need to be shifted so that progress can be made again. Sometimes the blockages just have to be worked through and it can be tough because a lot of obstacles can get thrown in the way. But things usually start moving again and the flow turns positive, with the energy flowing forward towards some goal.

Right now, with this sense, I can’t tell what the final goal is. I can’t tell what the blockage is or how to clear the blockage, I just know that there will be some extra difficulty that can be worked through. Sometimes I can try to get a sense of different plans to see which path would flow with less blockage but that’s difficult. Most of the time it’s difficult because the flow involves me and I don’t read myself or my energy very well. I can read what seems to be negative energy, which could be a larger version of the blockage. What I can use this for is sensing a path forward that will take me closer to the positive life I am aiming to live. But because I haven’t realized I have this sense I don’t have much practice in consciously using it so I am very unskilled in ways I could use what I sense. And I have to remind myself to use this sense for improving the situation for everyone and not just myself.