The Power of Need

As time goes by I have noticed increases and decreases in how clearly I read the energy around me. At times my ability to read the energy is very clear, I feel very connected to the outside energy and the answers come easily as I ask questions of my higher self or my spirit guides.

At other times the connection is distant, hard to reach and it takes more effort on my part to sense the energy flow, to hear my intuitive side. Based on a couple of experiences in the last few years I have come up with a theory as to why my ability seems to ebb and flow.

From observation it seems that when others have great need for communication with that intuitive side or with those who have passed on, I pick up that energy and become better charged and more effective in reading the energy. There is less static and I feel more connected to my other side. I first observed this about 3 years ago when a friend passed on suddenly. His death was unexpected and there were several other people I knew who were greatly affected by his passing. During the month after his death, I felt a build up of energy and attempted communication from this person that I finally passed on to one of his friends here. In looking back, this time of communication felt like one of the clearest connections I have experienced and I wondered why. In looking back I could see that there was a great deal of need on this side for people to communicate and say their good byes. I also feel that their was great need from the person who passed since his death had come very unexpectedly. With this combined need from both sides it built up energy that I inadvertently tapped into and which allowed me to act as a link between these friends so they could have a cleaner closure. As time passed, this link grew less and my senses for intuition and such reduced down to my more normal levels.

I was reminded of this again in the last few weeks. In this case there was a stressful situation with everyone waiting for news so that we could decide on a path to take. It was very frustrating for everyone and there was definitely a consensus that we wanted to know what would happen when so that we could plan accordingly. As a result there was great need for answers from someone. And again, I experienced clearer communication and felt like I was able to help other people deal with the stress and find answers to the difficult situations that life throws us. For myself, I felt like I was able to reach a new level of awareness and understanding that I will be working to keep. This week, we finally got a definite answer for the situation and after hearing the news and feeling the relief, my connection to the spirit and a higher view immediately started reducing. The need for that communication and that channel was reduced so my energy was also reduced.

I don’t see this as a bad thing and if this is correct it gives me new insight in understanding how at times I am able to have clear communication and at other times I feel as I am surrounded by cotton that keeps me from fully connecting with my higher self and my spirit guides. A couple of end notes, first is that when I talk about the level of my energy and communication I am not talking about a clear communication as if I were sitting face to face with someone who has passed or with my spirit guides. It is more like I am in a fog and I can hear things and see flashes but the fog surrounds me and I can only clearly see items that are right in front of me. When I have clearer communication it is like I have found a clear patch in the fog, with some sunlight shining through so I can see and hear things a bit clearer. But the fog is still there, sounds get muffled, objects are not clearly visible it’s just that I can see them for longer times and have a stronger feeling that what I see is real.

Based on descriptions I have read of other psychics, they seem to get much clearer communication but because I am not aware of any objective data to use for comparison, it can be hard to see how my perceptions differ or are equivalent to others. The other point is that the great need can also come from myself. In this case I believe I started the triggering process because of my great need for some kind of answer in dealing with the stress. However, with additional people also working towards the light who had great need, their energy amplified what I had and allowed me to build on it quicker and more easily. Because of  what invokes this type energy I am not eager to repeat the circumstances that create this build up even though I get clearer communication as a result. My question for myself is if it’s acceptable to tap this energy if there is not great need? And is there another way to tap into this energy that is beneficial for everyone and does not violate their privacy and their boundaries?  New food for thought, just when I thought I might get bored. 🙂