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Career Builder

Used to be Career Mosaic, one of the original Job boards out there. Now called Career builder, offers some different items then what you see in Monster.

Computer Jobs

Technicallly oriented job site

An IT oriented site

Nice general purpose technical job listing site, seems to have cleaned up the listings some and improved their jobs notification services.

Website for hooking up free lancers with people willing to pay for work done. Technically oriented.

Job Hunt Org

Another directory for job hunting. Also provides help in planning your job search and updating your resume


Included for completeness and history, but there are a lot more choices for job searches now. Note, would definitely use a spam e-mail address, as Monster seems to be very bad about selling their list to other companies. I'm still recovering from spam solicitations from years ago from this job board. And I'm no longer using this board actively after they had a hacker steal several thousand e-mail addresses.

Nation's job

A search engine that has you refine the criteria thru several steps, somewhat interesting.


Recruiting site, not just technical, includes other fields.

Yahoo! Hot Jobs

Yahoo!'s job search service

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