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Just Some Fun, Playing With My New Toys, Drupal and Track Back

Updated note: Hmmm, this didn't appear to work, will probably try to setup another website of my own to trackback with and see if I can figure this out, but in the meantime, too many other shiny toys to play with

Summary: I'd like to suggest the following catchphrase for V

"Beware the Dragon Lady, for you are crunchy and taste good with diet soda."

And here is a link to another site that has thousands of catch phrases or tag lines that you can search through, Tag Lines Galore since I figure this phrase won't quite catch your fancy.

What We're Missing...

I went to see the movie Astronaut Farmer this evening. Good movie, not outstanding, but one I suspect that will do well in the rentals once it makes it to DVD format. The movie is about a fellow, named Charles Farmer, who wants to take a rocket into space, orbit the earth and come back down. Long story short, he does achieve his dream after some setbacks,lack of belief from other people and government interference. Not an overly original story line, but for me, a good way to spend my evening.

Finding what I've been looking for

I've noticed that the front page is getting a little old looking so thought I would add in some content for those random few people that somehow find my site.

Anyway, this morning I woke up and realized I have been having a somewhat reoccurring dream but a dream that's differing in content from my normal themes. And the dreams have been different in ways that have been a pleasant change from the usual frustration I experience.

Google's Weak Spot - Or Finding the Second Best Search Engine

I've been pondering lately on searches and search engines and in some respects I've gotten frustrated with Google lately. Sure, they come up with thousands or more results and the results are even fairly relevant to the words I typed in. But the results are very commercial, even without Google charging for the very top listings in the search. I believe, it is within this commercialism that the seed of destruction lies for Google, just as it has for previous top search engines.

Moving Forward by Moving Back

While I don't know that I 'feel' like writing this evening, I thought it was about time to add something new to the site. However, this is likely to be a ramble, not any organized piece of great literary value, since not a lot has happened in my life lately. But hey, what's different from my other writing, you're probably asking yourself. ;-)

The Delicate Flower

Writing about a recent dream reminded me of a couple of others I had many years ago. I'll only bore you with one of them right now, especially since my cat has chosen to 'help' me with my typing by lying by the keyboard.

Dreaming of a Winding road

Lately I've been wondering why my life is in such a rut. Most days it's a struggle to get up and head off to 'be productive'. Even on days off, I have trouble getting things done, I find I just want to forget about the rest of life. And I start wondering, what's the point, really, is there any rhyme or reason to why I keep going on to just go on?


HTMLInc is a little Java program I wrote a couple of years ago to help out with a web site I was doing. I had a site of around 80-100 pages that I was maintaining by hand ( remember, this was in 1997, an eternity as far as web publishing goes) and I had already had to change the site look a couple of times and it was a real pain to have to change every page by hand and make sure I had gotten everything. So, I came up with this idea, which was originally implemented in LabView by Dr.


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