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Anne and Todd McCaffrey

Web Home of Anne and Todd McCaffrey, authors for the Dragons of Pern series.

Charlaine Harris

Writes mystery/supernatural novels

Hi Piers!

Web home for Piers Anthony, author of Incarnations of Immortality, Bio of a Tyrant and oh yea, the Xanth series, among others. :-)

J.K. Rowling

Web Home for J.K. Rowling.

Katherine Kurtz

Creator of the Deryni and the several series associated with Camber of Culdi. Good fantasy read of medieval times, with magic.

Rachel Caine

Author of the Weather Warden series, quality writing, fast paced, knock your socks off stories, check her out. Sample chapters are posted on her website.

Stephen King

Hey, it's Stephen King's site, what else is there to say?

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