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Open Source

Apache Foundation

Open Source Site that help get the internet going with the web server. Now includes sites with Open Source projects for XML, Java and other specialities. Home of Xerces and Xalan, Apache, Struts and lots of other good, solid projects.

Free Programmer's tools

Nice site for links to various free tools for devlopers

Free Code

Good catalog of open source projects, with fairly decent search engine.


Great place for books about Open Source and Proprietary systems. Also a lot of subdomains for various technical topics, great resource for techie types.

Open Source Testing Resources

Good collection of links for software test tools.

Home of Perl and the Camel. Perl is a great scripting language that is used a lot for UNIX system administration and web sites. While other languages are up and coming, Perl is still a popular choice.

PHP 4 Women

PHP Women is a new user group for women. Visit their website to check out the forum--lots more to come!


The geeky, techy site that only 10 people understand... :-)


Free hosting for open source site, high visitor rate.

The Daily WTF

Site with interesting and entertaining code samples of what not to do.


Good source of development tools, all Open Source Projects, good quality. Home of Subversion, Posedion UML code and other good packages.

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