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San Diego Links

California Homeschooling Network

Not San Diego specific, but a good resource for homeschoolers

Clairemont On-Line

Information for Clairemont Mesa area and activities


ABC station for San Diego. I like their weather section, the weather guy does a pretty decent job


Local CBS affiliate for San Diego

Lakeside Chamber of Commerce

A listing of business in Lakeside.

Lakeside Rodeo

Information about the Lakeside Rodeo and Rodeo Grounds.

NBC San Diego

San Diego's NBC station, good for news

Pat Flannery on the web

Blog of San Diego, good source for behind the scenes information about development in San Diego

San Diego County Emergency Information

Web page providing information on emergency situations in San Diego County.

San Diego Geologists

If you're interested in where earthquake faults and such are in San Diego, check these guys out

San Diego Judges

Site providing information about San Diego judges performance or lack thereof.

San Diego Reader

Once a week free alternative paper. The place for non-standard stories and lots of classified ads for San Diego

San Diego Traffic

Really, you don't have to pay to see the traffic, the state provides it free of charge on this site. Even has a section for traffic accidents and web cameras for the merge.

Spice's Thai Restuarant

Great place to eat and no, you don't have to have spice, but it's available.

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