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Web Development Resources


A website with information about internet providers for your area. Focus is on the US.

CGI Resources

Great place to find Perl scripts of all kinds, from freebies to commercial offerings.

HTML 5 Cheat Sheet

A good quick reference for the elements of HTML 5. Since it has been a while since I've hand coded HTML, it was an interesting read to see the new tags and what has become obsolete.

HTML Writer's Guild

The HTML Writer's Guild has been around for quite a while and has evolved quite a bit. Offers on-line courses, forums and other resources for those working with web sites.

Loren Ipsum Generator

Need sample content for testing and want to look like the publishers do? Use this site to generate sample text for testing.

Good, inexpensive site for registering domain names and retain control over your domain. Also provides web hosting service for a good price. - Web Hosting

A site that reviews and provides information about different topics, here is a link to their section about web hosting.

Web Hosting Talk

On-line forum where techies go to discuss good hosting sites.

Web Reference

Good place for reference articles about HTML, JavaScript, etc.

Women Web Designers

On-line group for women web designers and publishers.

World Wide Web Consortium

Home of many standards that are used for the internet.

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