Memories: Remembering my grandfather

I have been posting some memories of growing up but thought I'd post on a different topic this week. I have been remembering a lot of things this week but they have to do with my grandfather, my mother's father. He passed away this week, at the age of 96 and at odd moments I find I am remembering different things about him that happened or I heard while growing up.

Early Childhood Memories - 5-7

Time to continue recording memories from growing up. These memories occurred when I was around the ages of 5 to 7, but there may be some overlap with memories from when I was older.

I thought I would provide a list of items that didn't exist or were not used often during this time. It's a bit amazing to think about everything that has changed as I've grown older. Here is a short list.

Early Child Memories - 3-5 continued

I had planned to write about memories from ages 5 to 7 but I remembered two more things from ages 3 to 5 so here they are.

Early Childhood memories - 3-5

I thought I would try to write up some articles about my childhood and what I remember so that I could share them with younger people who have grown up in a very different time. This first article covers my earliest memories from a little before I was 3 years old to around 5 years old.

Reunion Pictures

Just got back from a family reunion for my Mom's side of the family, decided to post some pictures for viewing.

2009 - Year of the Annoyance

Well, the year 2009 has gotten off to a quick start for me and it was quickly apparent what kind of year it was going to be. 2008 was definitely a year of transition for me and a lot of other people I know. A lot of change going on and most of it was for the better.

On Celebrating Holidays in a Non-Standard Household

Today  is my birthday and I am reflecting yet again on how holidays in our household are not celebrated in the standard storybook fashion. For starters, I like to tell people my age is 0x2E and I'm looking forward to turning 0x30* in two years. I am taking the day off but stopped by work today for a visit and spent a frantic few minutes helping out in getting some network problems straightened out.

Reminded of an Old Dream

I was reviewing my site recently and reminded of my dreams that I had written down here. However, I didn't find one that I had thought I had recorded so thought I would add it in now. The dream is related to an experience I had that I talk about some in this blog entry. However, before I had that dream I had the one I describe below. And I found my original diary entry for the dream, so I will just transcribe what I wrote some 17 years ago.

2008 - Year of Transition

I've been thinking about writing this post for quite a while, figured I should take a shot at getting it done before 2008 finishes up. So far 2008 has been a year full of transition, for me and many of the people I know. And it seems to be a common theme that I've noticed when talking to people, even the economy and the US government is going through changes and transitioning to something else than what it was before. Has all of this change, this transition, been easy? No, not really, but then growth into a new stage of life usually isn't.

First Impression, Wrong Impression

I recently had a couple of encounters where I offered 'expert' advice on small business management and IT support to a couple of different people. After talking with these people and some follow up conversations later on I realized that these people already knew the facts and were very polite in not handing me my head during the initial chats. Well, that will teach me. So I will work on not making an assumption of ignorance and that I am duty bound to try and educate someone who may already be a lot better educated and experienced than I am.


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