Book Review: Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

Several years ago I became interested in drawing and trying to improve my artistic abilities. While I was doing this I ran across the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards. I would definitely like to recommend this book for anyone who is interested in improving their drawing abilities and hasn't had much luck with regular art classes.

The Teaching Hands of the Universe

Lately I have been reminded of a belief I hold about the lessons that occur in life and that our reaction to these lessons can help us grow or have us repeating a lesson until it takes. These aren't just lessons taught in school, these are lessons that form our character, define our actions and eventually pronounce who we are as a person. *

Playing Around with Visuals

I thought I would play around with this blog entry, more than usual. I was out for a walk this evening and as I came to an isolated part of the trail I had a couple of lines come into my head, sort of like I was reading a some lines from a book. I have this happen every now and again so thought I would try to capture what might be considered a 'micro; story and try to paint a visual. Now if I could just 'hear' the rest of the book one of these days I could write a more complete story. :-)


The Coming HTML Flame Wars

I like to read the blog Joel on Software and he recently published an article "Martian Headsets" where he talks about the upcoming IE 8 and the decision the development team is trying to make about how to render legacy documents and not have people think a page is broken while still supporting web standards. Not a good problem to have and Microsoft will probably take heat for whatever decision they make, primarily because they are Microsoft.

Blogging About Blogs

I went to an interesting meeting last night, it was the monthly meeting for the San Diego Refresh group held at the offices of digital-telepathy. There was a fairly large crowd and it was encouraging to be in a group talking about web "stuff", which I get fairly excited about myself. The focus of the discussion was about blogs and was held in an open forum method, with questions being asked by the moderators and then being answered by people in the group.

When A Movie Changed the World

I am really in overdrive on this whole reminiscening thing lately and here is another post that may make you go Gah! Sorry about that, hopefully I will move out of this mode soon, for your sake, if not mine.

Making the Magic Found in the World

Warning: Following content contains text that may be considered extremely syrupy, those affected by high sugary content should move on to other topics. Also contains spoilers for young beings that have certain notions about present giving involving an individual in a red flannel suit accompanied by reindeer.


Well, as of Friday, 12/07/2007, I find myself unemployed from a company I've been associated with off and on for some 20 years now. Rather strange experience, I must say. As is normal, it's been a roller coaster of emotions the past few days and I'm sure it will continue to be, but I feel much more prepared for this than I was 5 years ago when I was let go from Peregrine Systems.

Enjoying Simplicity Where I Find It

I've recently gotten in the habit of fixing a semi light lunch for myself on the weekends, consisting of home made pita bread and butter. For me it is a light lunch compared to eating out at fast food or a restaurant and it's quick enough that I don't get impatient and head off for a larger meal elsewhere. If you're interested, I include the recipe at the end of this article.

Watching Traditional Companies Trying to Get the Web.

Ever since I saw the Netscape Browser used some 10+ years ago, I have been very interested in developing for the web and even more interested in the potential of the web. Because of my interest, I try to keep up with technical sites and developments. But even more so, I am very interested in the latest 'fad' site.


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