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Dreaming of a Winding road

Lately I've been wondering why my life is in such a rut. Most days it's a struggle to get up and head off to 'be productive'. Even on days off, I have trouble getting things done, I find I just want to forget about the rest of life. And I start wondering, what's the point, really, is there any rhyme or reason to why I keep going on to just go on?

Then, the other night I had this dream, with my usual common theme of getting frustrated in trying to reach a goal. But there was twist to the plot and I woke up with a different view...

So what was this dream that captured my attention and made some of the frustration worth while. It began, as a lot of my dreams do lately, with myself trying to travel some great distance so I could return home. I had gone on a trip visiting and it was now time to go back.

Trouble was there had been some kind of disturbance, either of nature or man and the normal routes home were blocked. I was supposed to drive from one country to another and cars could not be driven due to road blocks, water in the road and some other problems.

Next thing I know, I'm on a bike, going down a country road too narrow for a car, but which a bike would do just fine on. There are tall trees to the side, arching over the road and it's a pretty fine ride. But I'm ignoring it, because I'm in a hurry, I've got to make it to the border and into the next country so I can catch a plane to get home.

After quite a bit of biking, through woods and town, around flooded roads and barricades I finally made my way to a city on the border. I wasn't sure where I should go and the city was very strange, it had an Eastern flavor to it. There were sculptures around the area I had stopped and stores to buy things and q few people, but not a whole lot. It was late in the day and for some reason I felt I had to do something in order to get across the border.

I stopped a policeman and asked him for help. He pointed me towards a small shop where I could get papers to get across. The shop was closed and I realized I would have to stay the night. I had no place to stay, so I camped out and while I was camped out, this family came by and joined me. Turned out they were in the same fix I was and they would travel with me and help me out along the way.

So the next day we got across and of course I had missed the flight that would've taken me straight home. And there had been some kind of accident at the airport, so there weren't really a lot of flights going out and they were only going to a very few places. The family and I decided to grab what flight we could and figured we could connect up at the next airport. In the meantime, we were able to wander around the city and enjoy the stores and the people we met.

Finally we were flying and made it to the next city. But we had just missed the flight out to our destination. I tell you, I was ready to quit at that point, but this other family decided to take in this city and see what there was to see.

We had wondered abit and I remember chasing after some of their kids when we found this fancy church set on top of a hill. You had to go up this hill to get into it but it wasn't just any hill. There were terraces built into the side on these terraces were displayed sculptures and artwork of great beauty. Each terrace had some kind of theme and each of the items reflected that theme, but it wasn't anything obvious, just a sense of things fitting together. In the center it was empty and that was where people walked up to get into the church itself. And I call it church when it was really a holy place, someplace the locals had set up to worship at.

After a while, we got called back and I had to go catch my flight and I woke up then. Not much of a dream, so what's the big deal. It was a subtle idea and one I'm not really picking up well in my real life, I think. I realized when I woke up that even though I didn't get to where I was going, I was still seeing some pretty neat things along the way. And somehow those experiences made it easier for me to continue, because I had more knowledge, more ability to deal with what was ahead. The trouble was I didn't see that I was doing anything spectacular, and I definitely wasn't achieving the goal I had set, i.e. reaching home.

But maybe I had picked the wrong goal. Getting back home is definitely a good thing, but sometimes you need to leave home in order to make something of yourself. Maybe that's what I was trying to tell myself. But it sure is hard to listen at times.

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