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HTMLInc is a little Java program I wrote a couple of years ago to help out with a web site I was doing. I had a site of around 80-100 pages that I was maintaining by hand ( remember, this was in 1997, an eternity as far as web publishing goes) and I had already had to change the site look a couple of times and it was a real pain to have to change every page by hand and make sure I had gotten everything. So, I came up with this idea, which was originally implemented in LabView by Dr. Eric Nelson, Ph.D and was a big help for the next look and feel change.

However, Eric left the company and no one was left to maintain the program and I had just finished taking some Java courses, so, I decided to take a swing at seeing what I could do. Plus, there were a couple of features that I wanted added, etc, etc, so thus was born the first version of HTMLInc, a very alpha product if there was one, but it worked well enough for me and the one other guy who worked on the site at the time.

After some more time passed, both myself and the other guy who had worked on the site had left the company and I kept in touch with the guy who had the web page plus another site dumped on him. He was interested in using HTMLInc, but as I said, it was a very alpha product, with a really cruddy GUI and little error checking. Gary Allen Smith is the fellow who fixed up the GUI and made use of it for a short time before the website again changed hands and ended up with an outside firm.

However, I still use it for generating my own site and a couple of other people have been interested in it, so I thought I would publish it. I had just found out about and found that creating an HTMLInc project there would allow me to provide HTMLInc as an open source project, with CVS check outs, release storage, etc, so it ended up there. I'm looking forward to the possiblity of having the program grow again and hope that whatever your needs, it helps you out too.

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