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Finding what I've been looking for

I've noticed that the front page is getting a little old looking so thought I would add in some content for those random few people that somehow find my site.

Anyway, this morning I woke up and realized I have been having a somewhat reoccurring dream but a dream that's differing in content from my normal themes. And the dreams have been different in ways that have been a pleasant change from the usual frustration I experience.

What was this dream about, you ask, or at least I hope so anyway. Well, pull up some pixels and have a seat for a few milliseconds or so and I'll tell you.

(Blasted interruption from a BSOD. That'll teach me to try and update my geocaches at the same time I'm updating my website :-))

The start and middle of my dream followed the same general scheme I predominantly dream about. I am in some situation, either traveling or trying to find something and I find I need to backtrack and go back to where I came from. In this morning's dream, I was trying to get into a movie theater that had been closed due to some emergency in town. Things were getting fixed and the theater was open and a huge crowd of people were trying to get up the stairs and into the theater itself. I finally made it up and wandered around for a bit, waiting for something to happen.

After a time of this wandering, the dream, as dreams tend to do, changed and shifted into another theme. There wasn't just a movie playing but the crowd was waiting for a visitor to show up from someplace else. I kept wandering around and waiting, chatting with people I know and getting frustrated in the meantime.

Finally, the crowd had reduced down to myself and a couple of other people I knew in the dream. And the movie house went away and we were now in the top part of a villa that had an auditorium. The auditorium opened up into a huge, long balcony. I kept checking this area as I knew this was where the visitor would eventually come, who would help us out in some way.

It is at this point that the dream changed from my usual dream sequences. Usually I keep wandering around until I wake up frustrated. I keep trying to move towards a goal, but never quite reach it. This time, however, the 'visitor' appeared on the balcony. When this being showed up, I ran towards them and embraced them and then experienced a catharsis of emotion that had the feeling of cleansing out many dark emotions.

After this catharsis and release, I then experienced a feeling of unconditional love and acceptance from the being. No speech, just this warm and comforting feeling. After a moment or so of this embrace, I moved aside so that the other people I was with could also share in this experience.

At this point I woke up and remembered the feeling I had somehow thought I experienced. I was reminded that I had had two dreams in the past week or so that had ended in a similar way. I had somehow encountered someone or something that had provided me with a warm, accepting love that buoyed my spirits when I awoke. Was this being real? And who was the being? Perhaps I should care or explore this further, but I find I am more interested in just accepting this gift as a gift and not trying to make it more or less than a dream I experienced.

I'm sure there is some deep psychological analysis that can be done on these dreams, explaining how this relates to my life and I can see some connecting points myself. But I find I don't want to analyze these good dreams overly much. It's satisfying to have enough contentment in my life that my dreams are also reflecting that state. I plan to just enjoy this time while it lasts while working to not become stuck on trying to recapture these feelings when my life changes yet again and I have to adjust to new circumstances.

May you all have as pleasant a dream or dreams as I have had these past couple of weeks.

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