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What We're Missing...

I went to see the movie Astronaut Farmer this evening. Good movie, not outstanding, but one I suspect that will do well in the rentals once it makes it to DVD format. The movie is about a fellow, named Charles Farmer, who wants to take a rocket into space, orbit the earth and come back down. Long story short, he does achieve his dream after some setbacks,lack of belief from other people and government interference. Not an overly original story line, but for me, a good way to spend my evening.

On my way out of the theater, I remembered my childhood dream of going into space and being able to step on another planet. There were a lot of other people who had the same dream during the early to mid 70's, the space program provided some hope. But now, it feels like something is missing and it's a lot harder to believe that the human race might actually set foot on another planet besides Earth. Especially a planet that is earth like that could be settled, much as the North and South American continents were settled started in the 1500's. (Well, hopefully a slightly more civilized method of colonizing another planet would be used, I would hope we had learned something in the last 500+ years.

I started making a list of what I think is missing from the United States of America that makes it harder to believe in dreams like the one shown in Astronaut Farmer

We're missing...

  • More ordinary people in the news who are working at and achieving a dream that doesn't involve only making themselves richer
  • People who are striving to do something great because of the achievement not because of the fame
  • Someone who has worked hard for years, honestly and at great sacrifice, which improved living conditions for others and didn't just obtain luxury items to make things better. 
  • A person with a vision of something greater for humankind and not simply a more comfortable extra that uses up more resources.

There are other items that could be put on this list, but it boils down to missing heroic figures who struggle on some great endeavor which has great risks to themselves, their family, or their life. These heroes strive for rewards that are in no way an equal compensation for the effort and the losses, yet these heroes continue on because of their belief in goals somehow make all people greater than themselves.

Maybe we can find a little of that belief from childhood and make it blossom into something that improves the world and truly leaves a legacy of greatness to be remembered.

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